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    "McKinsey + SF" service


    Scientific network layout, 200 km service radius


    Full range of high strength + full range of wear resistance


    Three boards listed, the sole agent of the central enterprise steel mil


     Shandong Fine Steel Supply Chain Co.,LTD. (stock code: 836303, hereinafter  referred to as: Jiagang) was established in 2005. For more than ten  years, it has been focusing on the construction of steel supply chain  and is committed to promoting the transformation of China's equipment  manufacturing industry. upgrade. With  excellent market performance, Jiagang Co., Ltd. successfully listed the  “New Third Board” in March 2016, becoming the only listed company in  China with a focus on high-quality steel products. It is also the first  “high-end equipment manufacturing supply chain theme” in the country. "enterprise.

    Jiagang  has established subsidiaries in Jinan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu,  Xi'an, Wuhan, Hefei, Xuzhou, Zhengzhou, Shenyang and Guangzhou. In  the later stage, combined ......


  • 2018-05-31
    On May 29, many leaders of Baosteel Co., Ltd. (Academia Sinica, Marketing Center) came to Jiagang's Shanghai office area to give a special lecture on hot-rolled wear-resistant steel.
  • 2018-05-09
    At the end of April, Jiagang received a urgent order from a major customer in the heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing industry.
  • 2018-02-15
    On the occasion of the Spring Festival Jiagang shares wish all friends Happy New Year! Good luck! Well-being!